Snail Mail

There are still some communities that don’t have email and barely have websites. I have written to one as such, and figured I might as well help out those who don’t know what to write (or are just scared to).


The Letter


1. After your salutation, you should first begin by telling whoever (we’ll call them RMA for Rev. Mother Abbess) about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? Are you in college? What do you study? Who do you live with? Any siblings? Are you a convert?

2. Next, tell RMA about your faith journey. What has God shown you that makes you believe you are being called to religious life? Who are some big influences (saints, spiritual directors, etc.)?

3. This next part is pretty self explanatory. Why are you interested in the community? Maybe it’s their charism. Maybe you have heard stories from someone who knows the community. Perhaps it’s a picture on their website. God inspires us in all sorts of ways when it comes to directing us where to go.

4. Ask some questions about the community. How many members are there? What do they like to do as a group during recreation? Do they do a daily visit to the Eucharist? Does everyone join together to pray the Rosary in the evenings?

5. Finally, the easiest and last part! Thank RMA for her time in reading the letter and that you hope to hear back from them soon. Sign it, and don’t forget to put your contact information at the bottom.

6. Seal it up, get your stamp and put it in the mail slot. Also, pray that it doesn’t get lost. 🙂


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